Cardude2001 is the Youtube channel that you are on this wikia for. Cardude2001 has gone through a lot of history, which can be shared.


The beginning week was rough. Only about 129 people watched the videos. The second week was the first week that the view count almost was 1000. The beginning isn't modern anyway, because 2008 youtubers weren't many people compared to now.

Club PenguinEdit

In late 2008, Cardude was a Webkinz addict, until a kid said that CP was better. Car tried it, and enjoyed it.

See Woow50000


Cardude played a game called MyGameBuilder, which was boring. He really wanted to build, and found ROBLOX.

History on YoutubeEdit

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  • His most active fans are also friends.
  • He made 1000 videos on July 4th twice, in 2011 and 2012.
  • His new Youtube username is CartoonAddict.