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CartoonAddict is a Minecraft character that is used in CartoonAddict's videos; his main character in fact. In videos, he has had 4 different skins.

Skin HistoryEdit

The first CartoonAddict skin that appeared in his videos is a red slime. This skin didn't last long. This skin was only in Cartoon's early Minecraft videos.

The second CartoonAddict skin is a human with a dirt t-shirt, black and blue pants, a smile, and brown hair. This skin lasted for a few months, and then was replaced with another skin.

The third skin is the current one. It is similar to the second skin, except has a red helmet, a 'noob' smile, and eyes looking to his downward right, in addition to the simularites of the second skin.

The fourth skin was for an April Fools Day joke. It was like the third skin, but had a purple helmet, purple and black pants, and a blue shirt with a pony on it. This skin was only for one video.



  • CartoonAddict was the influence of the channel name, CartoonAddict.
  • He was to originally be Cardude2001.
  • His skin is all about dirt.