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Club Penguin Meets Roblox 2? This article includes both parts.

Part 1Edit

In the first Part, Jaceminman, Azfar101, and Garmo open a portal to Club Penguin. Rookie and Gary enter the portal and want to browse Roblox. They tell about Cardude2001, so Gary decides to get Woow50000 to help them. Woow tells Gary about them and they go on an adventure. The group keeps building, while they keep capturing all of the Evil Team .

Part 1 (Deleted Scene)Edit

This scene was deleted for being a little to 'offensive' to Mastersrewdriver (Ozery on CP). The reason it was created was because Cardude2001 had no idea about the little 'treaty' and was angry with the video as seen as in the scene.

Part 2Edit

In part 2, the cast of videos are making a video, making a pace with the evil team, but then the Evil Gang attack the video headquaters, and the cats have to save all of members, while rounding up members, such as Ding .

Part 3Edit

Herbert is trapped on Roblox, from part 2, and messes up Roblox. Everybody gets back together, trying to stop him from messing up both games.

Pixelated VersionEdit

Just a Minecraft pixelation of the whole part 1. A fake part 2 was aired within a day.


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