Herbert 3
Herbert Polar Bear is one of the main characters in CartoonAddict's videos. He is mainly found building some crazy inventions to plot to get rid of Woow50000.

His Crazy PlotsEdit

  • In a small video called 24 Hours, he makes an invention that makes people die in 24 hours.
  • In Club Penguin: Trapped in an Elevator, his plot is to go into a building's top floor, disquised as Woow50000.
  • In a movie called The Mind Reader, his plan is to steal Woow50000's mind reading helmet.
  • In a movie called The Tsunami, he tries to flood Club Penguin by sending a huge tsunami at the island.
  • In a long video called Cops n' Robbers, his evil plot is to imprision everyone that he hates in Club Penguin.
  • In Club Penguin Meets My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, he tries to take over Equestria, with the Living Sled.