Parties are an unusual event, and usually hosted less than 1 hour from the announcement. Parties are rare, and hardly ever happen.

This is a list of parties that occurred:

60 Subs PartyAugust 8th, 2011 Cardude2001 (ROBLOX), Woow50000 PSTThe Problem Solvers ,Hockey Dock Nobody came to this party.
Superbowl Party 2012 Feb. 5th 2012Epic1337, Woow50000 Hockey Ice Rink Party with Most People.
Music PartyApril 29th 2012Woow50000 Hockey LighthouseFew people came, but people got the word.
Birthday Party 2013January 13th 2013Woow50000Hockey (Everywhere)Got lots of comments before the party, and was announced ahead of time the most.