Roblox Noobs ZXalbertweskerXZ

Roblox Noobs ZXalbertweskerXZ

A noob in action.


Another one


The noob from the video.


In with the albert guy.


Friends with the albert guy.

Roblox Roblox Nova

Roblox Roblox Nova

The ride as Roblox Nova

Cardude2001 played Roblox Novas, and here is some history of it.

He experienced many noob that don't let people ride. Look at the video to see a noob in action.

At the side, the is some pictures of some of the noobs. They never let people ride the original ride. The original ride has big history. However, sometimes these guys aren't playing. Those are the times that I can ride the ride. Watch the other video to see the ride, as Roblox Nova. It has been USA Nova in July, Sunshine Nova in June, and Level Up Nova in November. Roblox Nova happens to be the design after the Valentines Day Nova. It has even been the Ice Nova. It redesigns alot. Make sure to bring a war gear if you don't have one. There is more and more noobs being discovered everyday. These ones are the ones that I discovered first. Nobody knows about every single noob. All of the noobs with pictures (exept GJohnson) are the most common.


  • It is sometimes possible to kill these noobs, it is just pretty hard with teaming and their weapons.
  • These noobs usually have or have had BC.
  • They have lots of spawnkilling weapons, because they have tons of Robux.
  • Lots of people that play Roblox Nova don't like them because they aren't able to ride the ride at all, a single big.
  • Cardude2001 usually gets passed them.

One of the noobs