The main character of Cardude2001's Club Penguin videos. He is in the series Woow Adventures. Woow is his nickname that most people call him by, as Club Penguin allows no numbers. He has changed several times.

Woow50000 (2008 - mid-2011)Edit

Woow50000 at this time was not really a character, but rather than someone in gameplay videos.

Woow50000 (mid-2011 - December 2011)Edit

Woow50000, at this time, was a new character to the video world, and video world meaning comedies, Machinimas, etc. Woow was in some of his most original movies such as The Tsunami and The Mind Reader. A popular video that he was in was Club Penguin Meets Roblox.

Woow50000 (December 2011 - July 2012)Edit

At this time, it was too hard to turn back from making videos. Over thousands of views have been produced. CartoonAddict (at the time was Cardude2001) made videos pretty frequently, but a lot weren't sucessful. Woow was introduced into a lot of scenarios, including Woow Adventures and Club Penguin: The Movie. The Club Penguin Movie, however, just was an idea and actually wasn't made until after this part of time. In Woow Adventures, Woow50000 was in school and his best friend was Epic1337. This Woow kept going until around early July 2012.

Woow50000 (July 2012 - Late 2013)Edit

Making videos were hard, but were a passion of CartoonAddict. He continued making videos in this '4th era' and it turned out that this run turned out to be pretty sucessful. A lot of videos with over 1000 views were produced compared to other times. Eventually, CartoonAddict stopped producing Club Penguin videos and Woow50000 pretty much died out, eventually.

Woow50000 (Late June 2014 - Present)Edit

After such a long time without Woow, just wasn't relevant to Club Penguin any more, or at least until he made a comeback in a video titled The Comeback, which aired in late June 2014. TBA


  • Woow has a look that hasn't been in any videos before. It was made before the 3rd look, but just never aired.
  • Woow50000 is one of the main characters of Cardude2001.
  • Woow50000 is always red.
  • The un-aired look has a hard helmet, aswell as the 3rd look.


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