Woow Adventures is a series, featuring Woow50000. It has a class.


TheBoarder101 HistoryEdit

TheBoarder101 was first called Doosh, but then her name was changed, because it sounded to much like the word, deuce.

Song HistoryEdit

After watching lots of television with music, Cardude though how nobody eve rmade Club Penguin songs. That is when a big idea hit him, metaphorically. Why not make Club Penguin songs? The whole thing started on the episode, Portals R Us. From then on, almost every episode had songs.

Episode 1 (Introduction)Edit

An introduction if the series, showing all of the personalities of the class.

Episode 2 (Internet Wars)Edit

Woow50000 and Ding fight on Youtube.

Episode 3 (Doesn't Happen Everyday)Edit

In this episode, Ding drops out and goes on, destroying Club Penguin, in order to show out her anger.

Episode 4 (Chocolate Selling Contest)Edit

For Valentines day, Woow50000, Hoho77527, and Epic1337 sell chocolate against the girls, because Hoho77527 agreed about the contest.

Episode 5 (Zomb Patricks Day)Edit

Green paint in in the air, and the class thinks that it may be a zombie infection, when it is just green paint.

Episode 6 (Earth Hour Madness)Edit

Ding likes the idea of Earth hour, so decides to blackout the whole island, making no light for anybody, and that's not only electricity. She puts out all of the light, including fires.

Episode 7 (April Fools Day)Edit

The class enjoy April Fools day, and prank each other, but does all the pranking go too far? Obviously no, because people can prank those pranks.

Episode 8 (Club Penguin Games)Edit

This is the first Episode to be the longest. It is when Club Penguin competes in a big event, with prizes.

Episode 9 (Woowsynthesis)Edit

Slurpee destroys the school's students' plant's, to win a plant contest, while Woow50000 finds out, and helps everybody.

Episode 10 (The Meeting)Edit

Woow50000 finds out about the girls' meeting, and decides to sneak up on the meeting to spy on them.

Episode 11 (Portals R Us)Edit

A portal machine sends out tons of portals, so Woow50000, Hoho77527, and Epic1337 try to fix it.


Portals R Us (x3)

Portals R Us, you got to escape

There's too many portals

Causing tragaties

They're helping some people.

Don't you see?

There's too many portals...

to deal with

Too many portals

oh ya

Woow50000 is trying to fix it.


and Hoho77527 too


Portals R Us

Portals R Us

Portals are completely gonna be us.

Portals R Us

Portals R Us

Portals are completely and totally gonna be us.

Episde 12 (Trivia)Edit

Woow50000 tells the viewers some Woow Adventures trivia.

Episode 13 (The Musical)Edit

Woow50000 finds out that Ding destroyed Club Penguin, and needs to save CP from her dictatorship.


  • The Woow Intro
  • A Solution
  • MP3K
  • Guard Song
  • Epic Rap Battles of Penguinity
  • Where Should We Hide?
  • Saving Club Penguin

Episode 14 (Tis' the Season to Be Solving)Edit

Ding steals the entire class, and Woow needs to save them

Episode 15 (Woow Powered Sleigh)Edit

Santa crashed after being hit with a missle, and only Epic1337, Woow50000, Hoho77527, and Woow50002 can save Christmas.

Episode 16 (Valentines Day Trouble)Edit

Bunny goes way too far on Valentines Day, and Woow goes crazy.

Episode 17 (Slender)Edit

Woow50000 meets the slenderman, and the only way to save himself from being killed is by annoying him alot.

Episode 18 (Valentines Day Flashback)Edit

After Valentines day, Woow50000 and Hoho77527 flashback.


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Extra PagesEdit

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Portal Machine

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